1/7/2014 – 30/6/2016              Investigation Patial Discharge Characteristics on Polymeric Material filled with Graphen Oxide Nanofiller using CIGRE Method II, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Malaysia (RM 74,500)

1/7/2014 – 30/6/ 2015             Analysis of Atmospheric Electric Field and Cloud to Ground Lightning using Adaptive Neura Fuzzy Interference System (ANFIS) Method, Research University Gran, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (RM 20,000)

1/5/2012 – 30/4/2013              Q.J130000.2623.05J96 – Lightning Alert System and Electric Field Study using Electric Field Mill , Research University Grant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. (RM 40,000.00)

1/1/2011 – 31/1/2013              R.J130000.7823.4F054 – Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Allotropes / Carbon Nanotubes using Atmospheric Pressure High Voltage Arc Discharge Decomposition of Methane, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of High Education (MOHE), Malaysia. (RM 73,500.00)

1/4/2011 – 31/7/2012              Q.J130000.2623.01J95 – Integrated Atmospheric Electricity Sensor System and Lightning Cloud Profile Analisys, Research University Grant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. (RM 40,000.00)

Mei 2009 – April 2010             Design and Development Climatic Simulation Chamber for Solid Insulation Material Conditioning. Sponsored by: Department of National Education of Indonesia,  Competitive Research Grant relevant to National Priority.

April 2000                                   The Radiation effects of Electromagnetic Fields to the Embryology and Behaviour of Pra-natal Mus musculus.Sponsored by: Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Sriwijaya.


12/11/2014  – 11/11/2016       S.J130000.7809.4X017, PI: Mustaqqim bin Abdul Rahim (Universiti Malaysia Perlis) – The effect of the lightning to the integrity of reinforced concrete structure embedded with lightning protection cable, Networking Grant (RM 120,000)

01/12/2014 – 30/11/2016       R.J130000.7809.4F672, PI: Noor Azlinda Binti Ahmad – Coconut Husk As New Additive Material Toimprove Earthing System Performance – FRGS (RM 68,000)

01/12/2014 – 30/11/2016       R.J130000.7809.4F599, PI: Mohd Hafizi Bin Ahmad – Partial Discharge Characteristics of Cold Atmospheric Plasma Enhanced Epoxy Resin/Boron Nitride Nanocomposites as New High Voltage Insulating Material – FRGS (RM 116,200)

01/12/2014 – 30/11/2016       R.J130000.7809.4F613, PI: Zulkarnain Bin Ahmad Noorden – Electrochemical Characterization Of Glass Wool As Separator For Supercapacitor – FRGS (RM 114,000)

01/07/2014 – 30/06/2015       Q.J130000.2723.01K09, PI: Zulkarnain Bin Ahmad Noorden – New Circuitry Model For Charge Storage Evaluation Of Supercapacitor – PAS (RM 20,000)

01/04/2014 – 31/03/2016       Q.J130000.2509.07H56, PI: Zolkafle Bin Buntat – Development of Non-Thermal Plasma Needle for Bio-Medical Applications – GUP Tier 1 RM 76,809.57

01/04/2014 – 31/03/2016       Q.J130000.2509.07H13, PI: Noor Azlinda Binti Ahmad – Correlational Study Of Lightning Isokeraunic Level With Air Pollution In Johor Bahru – GUP Tier 1 (RM 76,809.53)

16/12/2013 – 15/12/2015       R.J130000.7809.4F398, PI: Nouruddeen Bashir Umar – Analysis of nanofiller-polymer interfaces and homogeneous dispersion using cold atmosphericpressure plasma treatment to enhance Electrical Treeing Inhibition in Power Cable Insulation –FRGS (RM 92,000)

16/12/2013 – 15/12/2015       R.J130000.7809.4F382, PI: Zolkafle Bin Buntat – Characterization Of Carbon Nano-Strands Grown By Ac Arc Discharge Technique For Cntfet Application – FRGS (RM 126,000)

01/05/2012 – 30/04/2013       Q.J130000.2623.06J72, PI: Noor Azlinda Binti Ahmad –Investigation On The Characteristics Of Lightning Electric Fields In Malaysia – GUP Tier 2 (RM 32,000)

01/12/2012 – 31/12/2014       Q.J130000.2523.03H59, PI: Zulkurnain B. Abd. Malek Lightning Detection And Warning System –GUP Tier 1 (RM 128,000)


September 14, 2014                 Program Technology Implementation Fund (TIF), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, RM 40,000.00

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